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55 Full-Length Expert Interviews On Video (With Transcriptions) – During our interviews, our featured experts had the most incredible things to say. However, because of time constraints, we weren’t able to include all of it. When you choose the Platinum package, you get online access to all of these groundbreaking interviews + transcripts. Owning this is like having over 60 hours of one-on-one instruction from the world’s preeminent mental health experts. This quality and quantity of information may provide the missing link you are searching for. ($497 Value)

 An additional 6 Expert Q&A Calls, that take place once a month, for six months. This ensures that you’ll have the sustained support you need to conquer your challenge  once and for all! ($157 Value)

25 Gut & Brain Healing Recipes – Contains 25 delicious recipes, specifically designed for brain health and vitality (Online) ($27 Value)

Depression & Anxiety Secrets 55 Expert Key Takeaways – In this invaluable eBook, you’ll get the most important points from each expert interview, summarized in an easy-to-understand way. This way, you’ll be able to easily digest all the information you need to secure your recovery. ($157 Value)

‘Neurogenesis: Alzheimer’s & Dementia Healing Codes’ Feature Film – In this groundbreaking film – you’ll learn about the root causes of the terrifying neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s and dementia. You’ll learn how you can prevent, and reverse these diseases with simple, little-known protocols. ($25 Value)

‘The Autoimmune Answer’ Feature Film  – In this cutting-edge film, you’ll hear from the world’s most preeminent experts of autoimmune diseases – and how to overcome it! Don’t miss out on learning this valuable and life changing information. ($25 Value)

A Platinum Level Buddy Pass – This special pass gives you the ability to gift an online pass to all of the above (including access to the 6 Live Q&A Calls) to a friend! ($257 Value)


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