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21 Hidden Toxins in Your Everyday Products and Food that are Causing Chronic Disease and Unwanted Weight Gain

  • Why dangerous toxins — that have seeped into your bloodstream — are sabotaging your weight-loss efforts
  • Which types of food containers are made with these deadly chemicals
  • Why the obesity epidemic is really the toxin epidemic
  • Which pesticide — commonly used in America but banned in Europe — has been proven to lead to weight gain
  • Which types of cookware contain dangerous toxins that add excess weight, damage kidneys, and harm the thyroid
  • The toxic chemical found in hand sanitizers that affects your metabolism
  • Which ugly toxins found in beauty products impact your insulin and lead to weight gain

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Top 23 Natural Medicines to Repair Leaky Gut!

  • Why you may have been using the wrong probiotic — and the ones that actually work!
  • Which medicinal plant has been proven to improve gut ulcers in 14 days
  • What foods help your body create more amino acids that heal leaky gut
  • The household plant known for healing skin that actually helps heal your gut
  • The little-known connection of this vitamin toward improved digestive health
  • Which aromatic herbs help relax the digestive system and heal abdominal pain
  • Which delicious kitchen cabinet spices are proven to reduce inflammation and heal leaky gut

22 Sugar-Free Desserts Recipes

  • How refined sugar is a prime culprit for creating inflammation in your body and impacting your mental health
  • Which natural, healthy sweeteners contain nutrients that heal your body
  • Healthy alternatives to dairy that contain beneficial nutrients instead of hormones
  • Which delicious, all natural spices not only taste great in your recipes, but are proven anti-inflammatory and detox agents
  • The special healing plant you probably didn’t realize can be a refreshing, healthy ingredient in your smoothies. Studies show it’s rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, and can regulate blood sugar levels
  • Which tasty treat helps your body produce the mood-elevating hormone, serotonin
  • Which delicious fruit is a strong source of antioxidants, known to boost immunity, and help reduce risks of heart disease.

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10-day Revolution Masterclass digital access

This special program is a power-packed 10-Day Masterclass with the brilliant minds of Dr. Daniel Nuzum and Dr. Peter Kan. The program consists of 10 Masterclass Videos, each over 1-hour, which includes teaching and real-life implementation of dietary, lifestyle and treatment protocols (including detox).

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Autoimmune Answers Series digital access

Bring 70 world-leading expert doctors, scientists, and patients that have reversed their autoimmune conditions into your home. You’ll have ALL the tools, tips and techniques at your fingertips to prevent, reverse, and overcome chronic, painful autoimmune diseases once and for all!

  • Discover what autoimmune disease is and the many forms it can take (over 100 diseases, including diabetes, Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Graves disease)
  • Learn about the actual ROOT CAUSES of autoimmune disease
  • Uncover the corruption in the health industry that leads to autoimmune disease (or inhibits healing)
  • Find out what side-effects pharmaceuticals can have in autoimmune disease
  • Realize that there IS hope, even if you’ve been told there is no hope, no cure
  • Discover steps you can take to prevent and even recover from autoimmune disease

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